Something like 80% of our communication is non verbal.  Do you know what you’re “saying” when your not talking?  Amy Cuddy looks at how we read other peoples non verbals unconsciously, always making assessments about what they are ‘saying’ to us by reading their body language, and yet we are often not aware of how we are being perceived.  Our non verbals govern how other people think and feel about us.  So, an interesting question was posed, do our non verbals govern how we think and feel about ourselves?  So, Amy looks very closely at the non verbal communication of power, or lack there of.  Can you fake confidence and does it help?  We know that our minds change our bodies, so could our bodies change our minds?  What do the minds of the powerful look like compared to the powerless?

Our bodies can change our minds… our minds can change our behavior… and our behavior can change our outcomes.  Brilliant!


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