Beautiful Bike Silhouette, Sunset, Vietnam Countryside

What would it feel like if you believed you could do anything?  What would it feel like if you were willing to push yourself past comfort, saw failure as a teacher and you used experience to create more courage? How would you feel if you stepped outside the box of limits that you’ve placed yourself inside, or allowed others to put you in, and saw yourself stepping into that place where the magic happens?

Danny MacAskill demonstrates how brilliantly he has done this.  He rides his bike with joy and quite a bit of humor.  I am absolutely sure that he has learned by falling along the way, but he picked his bike and himself up and pressed on.  It’s truly a wonder to watch him.

Danny MacAskill – “Way Back Home” from Dave Sowerby on Vimeo.

Notice how you feel when you watch the video, do you feel impressed, excited, inspired?  Where are those feelings being held in your body?  Feel them, notice them. Then work on remembering those feelings in your body each day for 5 minutes for the entire week.  At the end of the week, tell me what you notice.  Have fun with this exercise!

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images from BigStockPhoto: bicycles xuanhuongho

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