Magic Ball Outlook Not So Good

As I am navigating my life, in the great unknowing, it occurs to me that knowing the future seems to be a wish that most people have.  We want someone or something else to “tell” us what we should do, or what will happen. If we do A… then XYZ will be the outcome. If we marry this person, we will be happy. Or, if we take that opportunity then we will be wildly successful.  We want guarantees that follow a, “if… then…” and the irony of life is that until you dive in, you will never know how warm the water is.  Life requires us to take leaps of faith. We can gather up all our skills, we can collect all our supporters, and we can spend a lot of time collecting tools to make sure we have the very best chance of winning the day. But, at the end of it, when the time comes to make a choice, you are going to have to walk through the unknown. There are no magic wands or magic 8 balls to steer us through the void. And, this is where your personal story can help you, how you decide what you are worth, how you believe that your message is powerful, and what you decide to share about yourself, will ultimately determine how you handle these leaps.

Leaps of faith are at the center of our brilliance, they generate the energy of creativity and they push us into being strong and having fortitude.

“All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without benefit of experience.” Henry Miller

A leap of faith is required if we are going to move, change our life, change our career, or do anything of real importance and meaning to us and the world. There is no action that you might take that doesn’t require this leap. You can fight it, wish you knew the future, pretending that you have everything under control, or you can leap luxuriously into your life, no Magic 8 Ball needed.

Be brave and let’s get to the other side!

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