Portrait of a liar

“There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Mark Twain

This is a fantastic TED talk, given by Pamela Meyer, which helps to build our understanding about lying.  It’s interesting when Pamela talks about how lies are a cooperative acts.  If you don’t want to be deceived, you need to develop your awareness about what you really want, because liars play on your wants.  This came up for me just today, because of a scam I just got caught in on Facebook.  I saw a “Free Southwest Airlines Tickets!” and on one hand I knew, “too good to be true…” and still had a part of me stumble into the free ticket trap and invite all my friends.  I wanted something for free, they got me with the lie.  So, knowing that we all lie, to some degree, and some are much better liars than others, this is a fun TED talk.  Enjoy Pamela Meyer’s as she educates you and helps you to develop your awareness.  Maybe you will step lightly past the next person trying to scam on you, that comes your way.

Another good talk is on the TEDtalk Radio from NPR a free podcast.  They discuss this issue of deception and it can help you understand even more.


The radio show talks about ways that we might lie to ourselves and how some of those lies might actually help us.  I know for myself I have a strong Optimism Bias, one way our brains make us believe things.  Most entrepreneurs have this same bias because we have to believe in ourselves in order to take great leaps and create businesses!

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