Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Coach, a Therapist, and a Consultant?  

Do you wish you could know what to expect from the Coaching process?

I just listened to this podcast on Fizzle, How to Find, Evaluate, and Work with a Business Coach.  These smart guys do a great job of really talking through the differences between a Coach, a Consultant and a Therapist.  And, they explain how a coach can benefit you differently than an expert in your field.  I highly recommend you listen if you are even remotely considering using a Coach.  My story is that you will get some insight and clarity about the coaching process.

You will walk away from this podcast:

  • What, exactly, will you gain by working with a coach?
  • How can you find and hire a coach (or a few coaches)?
  • What mindset should you bring to a coaching relationship and what should you expect?
  • How can you evaluate if a coach is working for you or not?

What’s the story you need to tell yourself, so you listen?

Please let me know what you thought!

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