Broken Crayons still Color

In this episode of StoryJacker, Lyssa Danehy deHart interviews, Paula Lazarus.  Paula’s shares her personal and courageous journey.  It will resonate with those of us who have had our lives fall apart and then had to pick up the pieces.  Having her life challenged on both the personal and professional fronts, Paula shares how she is rebuilding her life.  She shares some of the struggles inherent in recreating ourselves.  Paula talksPaula Lazarus about taking ownership of her story and getting clear with herself about how she has participated in her choices.  Supporting herself so that she can become the person she wants to become.  Paula’s candor in looking at how she can transform her life by challenging her thinking about herself and her situation is genuinely honest.  “I don’t have to be a victim, or miserable anymore, and I am going to change my life.”  Paula is a small business owner at PiKL LLC, (  She works as a virtual assistant to outside sales reps.  

StoryJacker is a production of Creative Human Solutions.  Recording and editing by Lyssa Danehy deHart.  Music from Garageband Loops. copyright 2015    

Check out this episode!

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