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The Architect Bjarke Ingels is something of a wunderkind.  Mixing his passion for sustainability with his passion for architecture and beauty.  I saw this TEDTalk several years ago, but a recent conversation brought it to mind again.

I am sharing this video for several reasons.  First and foremost it is freaking cool!  Seriously, you need to watch it and be inspired.  But secondly and also uber important, his thinking is so far outside the box that the world has created that it blows your mind when you start thinking about what it takes to think in such innovative ways.  You have to give up what is known and be willing to dive into possibility.  You have to be curious about doing things in new ways, you have to be willing to ignore the nay sayers (to include you own internal negative dialog) because you are so solid in your own truth that you just blow by those voices, and you have to be courageous as you work the journey.

What would you want or be driven to be curious about?

What if we all started thinking outside the boxes of our own lives?

What would you be willing to look at and give up in order to reach your potential as a person, and share your gifts with the world?

This video gives me hope.  As human beings on this planet we can, if we decide to, undo the messes we are making.  We can stand up and demand that our Governments become innovative, we can demand the same from industry, and we can decide to make changes that support life.  The video also shows how a country, like Sweden, can think outside the box and change how it does business.  Right now Sweden needs trash, yep, you heard that right.  They are importing trash, because they now can’t make enough of their own to power their power plant, which now heats over 900,000 homes and provides electricity to over 250,000 other homes. (facts from Avfall Sverige) It blows my mind.  What a terrific StoryJack, from waste to energy.

I don’t spend time cultivating my phobias.  On the contrary, I explore them for missed opportunities.  Bjarke Ingels

My most important take away is that if Sweden can do this on such an epic scale, what is stopping you and I from transforming and StoryJacking our own lives?

What idea or situation have you been sitting with and allowing to molder, instead of acting on?
What negative self talk or discomfort do you need to explore for opportunities?
Do you think, that maybe, it’s time for a personal revolution? Hedonistic StoryJacking!

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