Preconceptions affect how we view the world.  They speak to our views of ourselves and others.  Our preconceptions are made up of our biases, experiences, and expectations and they are how we determine our view of  the world.  They are the glasses that we view the world through and they are stuck firmly to our faces.  It’s nearly impossible to take them off.  And, unconsciously, these preconceptions affect how we see other people.  This video shows a fantastic experiment to see how six different photographers photograph one man.  Each photographer gets a story about the man they will photograph.  The story about who the man is, colors their perception of him and shows up in how they view him and ultimately photograph him.  It’s a great reminder to be mindful of how we make assumptions about others.  It’s also a good reminder that we can develop our awareness about our bias’ and challenge the stories that are unconsciously running below our thoughts and behaviors.

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