Finding Life Balance with Oyster Harvesting

Life Balance

It seems to be something that we are often striving for and regularly missing.  We search for the line and find ourselves wobbling all over the grey area…

But, a big part of having a good life balance is taking time to find, and do, the things that feed your soul.  These things tend to include, for me, being outside and having fun with others.

IMG_0105I find that the fresh air and the activity can shift my attitude.

So, to that end, I just had a bit of life balance out on the beach harvesting oysters with Puget Sound Restoration Fund, Betsy Peabody, Josh Bouma and all the volunteers I count as neighbors.  We had the chance to enjoy a lovely cool day, count and sort the oysters, feel the cool Puget Sound breeze upon our faces, smell the sea salt, and slurping a few oysters.

Sometimes we think we need more stuff, more excitement, more… well just more of what ever, but our joy and feelings of balance often come from far simpler things.  Getting our hands dirty, working with others, and connecting to our moments of being fully present in the moment.  We all need these opportunities for delight in the simple experiences of life.

Embrace your community and find ways to participate.  This can often be the difference between feeling in or out of balance.

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