On this episode of StoryJacker I am taking a bit of a left turn.  This podcast is still fundamentally about how we pay attention to the stories we tell ourselves, but it is explored through a larger cultural lens.  My guest on this show is Author and Educational Futurist, Myra Travin.

Myra spends a lot of time thinking about the future and how humans will interact with Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a tool, or maybe as the next type of sentient life on this planet.  Are we fully conscious of how this tool is growing?  That this tool is learning about us and do we need to wake up and become part of the conversation regarding how we want to create this new life form.

What’s clear is that AI is here, what is still up in the air, is how we will grow the algorithms that are AI’s brain, and give it aspects of our humanness, our values, and not just find ourselves asleep at the wheel and being driven by commerce and marketing values.

I would say that Myra’s personal mission is a call to action to get people involved in the conversation about what we want the future to look like.  school-of-you-myra-travin

You can read her book, School of You: Stop the Overload, Become a Guerrilla Learner and change your life.    You can also learn more about her work at

StoryJacker is a production of Creative Human Solutions.  Host Lyssa Danehy deHart.  Recording and editing by Lyssa Danehy deHart.  Music from Logic Pro X Loops.  Thank you to Siri for helping me with the interview.  And, thank you to 2001 Space Odyssey and the voice of HAL.  Please visit my website at for more podcast episodes.  copyright 2016
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