“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” Brad Paisley

As 2016 comes to a close it is a time of reflection.  I look back on what I have done, what I feel good about, what I want to shift in this next year.  What celebrations or rituals do you do to shift with the season?  Do you acknowledge and appreciate where we have been? What you have learned? And what are you envisioning for the coming new year?

At a core level, I feel that each day is the beginning of the new year in front of you and in this I am in full agreement with Brad Paisley’s quote.  And yet we have an annual tradition of New Year’s Eve that we celebrate globally, which connects us to other people on the planet.

What is it that you do to honor the transition to the New Year?
What supports your conscious awareness around your intentions?

I was introduced to a Burning Bowl Ceremony a while ago and I love it.  Have a bowl with a candle in it.  Then write down on little bits of paper the one or two words that reflect your answers to the following questions:

  • In looking back on the past year, is there something that you wish you had done differently and what does it invite you to let go of?
  • What is something that you are grateful for?
  • What are you moving toward?
  • What will you bring forward in yourself to support you?

Place each of your bits of paper into a flame and release it to the universe. Surrendering to the universe your intentions for the coming year.

Many blessings. I wish you a love, laughter, learning and joy in this coming 2017!
May your intentions take you in the direction of your dreams.

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