Life has a tendency to get messy, it happens to all of us.  Life has a tendency to get messy

So, what’s a person to do?

Everyone has to wrangle at times with the issues and events that show up in our lives. You know the ones, the messy and often uncomfortable life situations that arrive on our doorsteps, unannounced and often uninvited.

Here are a few questions you can consider to manage your life and messy plot twists:

  1. What role are you taking in the story that you’re telling about the situation? Victim or Hero? Helpless or Visionary?
  2. If you shift your role in the story, how could you handle the messiness differently?
  3. What is between you and a different response?

We can get attached to our problems and set to spinning over situations that we aren’t happy about or don’t want. And, I haven’t found that to help much, have you? Spinning implies that we are circling the drain, versus looking for a way through or past the situation. If you shift your mindset you can gain perspective and figure out what the situation has to teach you.

These slight mental pivots can change your relationship to the story you’re telling yourself about whatever situation showed up and whatever story you’re telling yourself about the situation. Remember, you are whole, capable, resourceful and creative.

You can do this!


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