Trust and Integrity

What does Trust and Integrity mean to you?

How we show up in relationships is fundamental to our success. If we break agreements, if we overextend ourselves, then hide, leaving other people hanging, it breaks down trust. It’s the same in marriage or business, in friendship or teamwork.  We succeed or fail based on how well other people feel they can trust us, believe in our integrity, to follow through with the agreements we make.  From the simple loading of a dishwasher when you say you will, making your child’s school game or play, to the importance of taking care of people who work with or for you, and even to the complex managing of a organizational region.

Trust and Integrity are absolutely Linked

In our many and often complex relationships, here’s the rub: I want to help with all my heart; and I don’t have the time, energy, resources, whatever to be successful.  Rather than owning that, we agree to XYZ to get along, committing ourselves to activities and responsibilities that we don’t have the bandwidth to manage.  Ultimately generating guilt for ourselves and frustrating those around us.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I want to show up as trustworthy?
  • What does trustworthy look like, sound like, feel like?
  • Is my word my bond?
  • Am I willing to be vulnerable in my honesty about my limits and be clear about what I can and cannot do?
  • Can I take the “100% responsible” role and say “no” when the real answer is “no” and someone might not like that?

Or, do you walk all over your boundaries and your lines in the sand, saying “yes” and then feeling guilty as you promptly “control, alt, delete,” the action you agreed to take, but cannot?

You have the power to change this at any time.  You can build trust and integrity by being honest about what you can or cannot do, what you will or will not do; this is called honest vulnerability, the more you practice it, the farther your trustworthiness will spread, and the greater your positive impact will be on every relationship you have.

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