What will you do with your brand new day

What will you do?  If each brand new day is the gift of possibilities, then what will you find to fill your day? What will you allow for yourself?

Letting go of all the yesterdays that don’t feel like they panned out quite as you expected is a gift you give yourself to open.  Like a beautiful package wrapped with the presence of this moment. What do you give yourself the spaciousness to explore, to be curious about, to dream, or to begin?

What do you want for this brand new day?

Setting the intention for yourself, each day, to be open to what might show up. I am thinking of Tiny Habits, by BJ Fogg, what is a small thing that you could bring into your day to help you pay attention to your intention? I loved what he said in his TED talk.  Knowing that all manner of things might show up in my day, as I swing my feet onto the floor for the first time each morning I say to myself, “I am going to make this a great day, somehow.”  What will you say to start your brand new day?

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