Creating Cohesive Teams

Teams are absolutely necessary to the growth of any organization.  Once you’ve gone past being a solopreneur, and you’re ready to scale your business, you are going to be dealing with people… lots of people. What often happens, sooner or later, is that your team is going to grow through a series of stages. You’ve probably heard of Forming, Storming, Norming and Preforming. Each team also creates stories about what their purpose is, and the best way to meet that purpose.  Getting all the players working  together and supporting them as they move from muddling through to becoming a well-oiled team takes committment and energy.

Team members come to teams with different backgrounds, cultural perspectives, biases, and agendas’.  And, unfortunately, one team member who doesn’t play well with others can shut down all sorts of good work.  And, teams that function really powerfully together, have some very specific qualities.

  • Each member of the Team is committed to the common goal or mission
  • Individual Members are Agile
  • The team has developed High Trust
  • People actively listen to different positions and perspectives
  • People communicate with confidence, sharing ideas
  • Members have integrity to their word and committments
  • All the members feel supported and respected



I work with teams through a variety of tools. The 7 Habits, EQi 2.0, the Hogan Assessment Tool, Tilt365 and many Change Management tools. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

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