Management and Leadership are linked.  But, while a leader needs to understand managing people there are a few things that leaders do to lead people that managers don’t.  Managers tend to manage, while Leaders also innovate. Leadership is a practical skill, regarding the ability of an individual or organization to “lead” or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations.  Good Leaders have several key qualities.

Key Leadership Qualities:

  • They are honest. Transparent, not just with others, but most importantly with themselves.
  • They have a mindset of possibility and openness to opportunities.
  • They have the ability to read people effectively.
  • They can communicate clearly their vision and discuss goals, expectations, and they want to hear other opinions than their own.
  • They know how to delegate, but they often also know how to get into the trenches and do the job too.  Good leaders have not lost touch with the actual job.
  • They are confident, not ego driven, but confident. And they can hear differing opinions and take ownership for their mistakes.
  • They are often positive and inspirational.
  • They read their own intuition well and listen to it, in conjunction with all the other information that they are gathering.
  • They are willing to continue to learn and grow, understanding that even in a position of leadership, life is still a journey.
  • They surround themselves with smart, innovative, and creative people. They support each person’s success.


Most importantly Leaders understand the need for their team to work well.

I work with leaders to assess where they are and what they want to develop.  Helping individuals grow great teams as well as developing themselves as great leaders.

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