Mentor Coaching

I decided that to develop myself as a Mentor Coach, I wanted a Mentor Coaching Certification with inviteCHANGE.  I have that and I am very excited to work with dedicated and growth oriented Coaches to explore their learning edges and support their coaching development!

Are you in need of mentor coaching hours?
Maybe you are ready to renew your ACC credentials or apply for your ACC, maybe you are ready to move from ACC to PCC?
Do you want to deepen your understanding of the ICF Core Competencies?
Or, do you know the Core Competencies and you want to develop your artfulness in using them in your Coaching Practice?
ICF requires Mentoring for coaches who are renewing their ACC credentials, and for those on the ACSTH pathway for ACC and for those coaches on the ACSTH pathway from ACC to PCC.

Mentor Coaching offers you the opportunity to grow your skill and artfulness as a coach.  It provides you with an outside perspective, helps you to look at choice points in your coaching sessions, deepens your mastery in using the core competencies, and invites you to explore what is possible with your clients.

The ICF Website speaks to the reasoning behind Mentor Coaching, in a nutshell, it helps us to expand our talents and helps us to develop as coaches.

I trained with inviteCHANGE in their mentor coaching program and I am a inviteCHANGE certified mentor coach.  I work within a framework to support your growth as an exceptional coach.  I appreciate and honor coaches who are life long learners, I too am always working on developing my craft.

Mentor Coaching

All the Mentor Coaching packages include:

  • One on One Sessions
  • An initial session to develop a clear agreement on what Core Competencies you want to be looking at and developing
    1. My passion is to support you in your quest for excellence.
    2. My attention is on you and your coaching skills and behaviors.
    3. I will reflect on what you are doing well, citing specific examples, words, phrases and behaviors.
    4. Using the coaching competency of direct communication I will make suggestions for improvement, again, noting specific examples, words, phrases and behaviors.
    5. I will request that you outline your plan for how you’ll apply your learning and insights into your upcoming client coaching sessions.
  • The mentor coaching will work best if you record a 30 minute coaching call for each mentor session and write out the transcript, so that we are playing on the same sheet of music.
  • Writing the transcript of the session will deepen your insights into the questions you are asking, your choice points, and then gaining insight into where these questions and choice points land on your clients.
  • I will listen to your recorded coaching calls and give written feedback.
  • After I have had a chance to listen to your coaching call we will have 30 minute feedback conversation to address specific development interests that you might have.
  • You will drive the focus and guide me in how best to support you and give you feedback.
  • We will work as peers and in a collegial manner.
  • I will send you Self Assessment form for Core Competency Resource Development
  • I will send you Client Release paperwork for your 30 minute recorded Client Calls
  • We will use a Skype or Zoom meeting room, so that we can meet face to face
  • You will be given a audio recording our our Skype or Zoom meetings for your extended learning.
  • After we have completed the Mentor Coaching, I will provide you with documentation of the hours that we have mentored together, for your renewal or application.




Right now I am offering a special deal on Mentor Coaching.  3 hours of Mentor Coaching and you decide what you think it’s worth!  I will want a review and feedback.  But, you get the same awesome Mentor Coaching and you get to decide what you want to pay.  Contact me for more details.  This is a limited offer, I am only taking a few new Coach Clients with this Mentor Coaching Deal!


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