In order to handle uncertainty, we make up stories to explain everything.  Our stories resonate sometimes with other peoples stories and we feel good, and other times our stories clash.  The most important issue is when our stories are actually interfering in our ability to grow and develop into the people we want to become.

Do you recognize the stories that you are telling yourself?  Are those stories helping you or hurting your ability to live your life on your terms?  Do you want to gain greater insight into the conscious and unconscious stories that are moving you through your life?  All work on empowerment, or shame, hopes, and dreams comes out of developing awareness.

Coaching is a co-creative process where we work together to develop your vision and clarity.  StoryJacking means that we start to take a look at the stories that show up and get in the way of your ability to take action in a meaningful way toward your vision.  We all have various internal stories and ignoring them typically means that they bubble to the surface when we least need them to help us move forward.  We can find ourselves stuck.

Want to find out if your stories are working for you?  Take this quick quiz!

I offer series of coaching sessions.  The StoryJacking series allows you to dive deeper into your stories and develop goals that not only sound right but feel right as the resonate with the story of where you want to go with your life journey.  The average time needed to change patterns and create new habits is at a minimum three months.  My StoryJacking packages are designed to support long-lasting changes.

StoryJacking has been developed around research in the field of narrative psychology, neuroscience, ego state theory, and brain-based research, and then dives right into the stories that your mind is weaving and how those stories are either helping you move in the direction of your goals, or are hiJacking your life.

StoryJacking helps you clarify, define, and develop deep insight into the stories of your life.  Along the way, you will also develop clarity around your goals and discover what you genuinely want to bring into the world.  What stories are supporting the work that you are meant to do?  What stories are supporting your personal awareness and insights about who you are and who you want to be? 

“Who are we but the stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves, and believe?”   Scott Turow

Through StoryJacking you will learn more about yourself, developing insights that will help you clarify goals, you will have the opportunity to get the support you need to transform stories, and move into new ways of being present in the world.

I would love to get to know you and hear your stories.  If you are curious about Coaching and StoryJacking, let’s connect and see if I might be of service in your journey.

“Our lives are so intertwined with stories we are often unconscious to the magic and mystery of how they impact us.  As children, we play in the fields of make believe, lost and enjoying the stories that we create from the mist of our imaginations.  As adults we develop our passions, we choose careers, we find our tribe, by the stories that we describe and align ourselves with.”  Lyssa deHart

Are you ready to start Coaching?  What are you waiting for?

With StoryJacking we provide you with the opportunity to get curious, create purpose, and empower you to live your most authentic life, so you can define your impact on the world.

StoryJacking packages are a great way to access coaching at an amazing price, the packages help you to commit to your work, and create the space needed to make StoryJacks happen.

All StoryJacking packages include:

  • A initial 1 hour Coaching session to set up our agreement and discuss your goals
  • Weekly or biweekly 45 minute One2One StoryJacking coaching sessions with Lyssa
  • I will send you worksheets to help you define and clarify goals.
  • We will meet by Zoom and develop your vision for what you want from coaching.
  • We will look at the stories that are supporting you and also the stories that are getting in the way of your goals.  We will work on StoryJacking: shifting and transforming the stories that are not of service to your goals, your personal growth, and develop new storylines for your success.
  • We will set up Weekly or biweekly sessions
  • Email or phone access is complimentary for quick questions between sessions
  • You will have a set of Action items at the end of each session
  • We will begin each session by finding out where you are, what your insights are, what you want to focus on, and where you feel you need to move towards in order to get where you want to go.
  • All coaching needs to start within 3 months of purchase.

You may be given worksheets designed to support you in exploring your values, or learning techniques in mindfulness, emotional management tools, or self-awareness exercises to practice, in between sessions.


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