I am always coming across interesting websites that I think might be useful to people.  If it’s here, it’s because I really like it!

VIA Survey of Character Strengths.
Penn State is doing very interesting things & they have tons of free quizzes. Check out the VIA Survey of Strengths.  You are even helping them with research. Isn’t that Awesome?!  When you start to recognize your strengths, you can then use them to help you when you find yourself struggling with maybe your critical voice…

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Atlas of Emotions
Emotions are powerful and they can sweep us up into stories that are either wonderful or unhelpful.  When you can get curious about the negative emotions that you have, then you can start to Jack those stories.

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Book Recommendations

I love to read and I have some favorites that have helped me shift the stories that I tell myself.  I am including a few of my favorites here.

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